The world's first scratch-off NFT, powered by the Solana blockchain



10,000 of 10,000 available


The average NFT is subjective in value, its price determined by speculation and market face-value. NFT Scratch-off seeks to change this by providing the market with an objectively valued NFT, driven by winning tickets with exchangeable crypto balances.


We aim to bring the fun of traditional scratch-off tickets into the new age, giving users the opportunity to win a grand prize of 2,500 SOL. Join our discord or visit the FAQ section for more information on how this process works.




The thrill. The rush. The excitement of possibility. There is nothing quite like placing a bet and waiting in anticipation to see the outcome of a chance taken. We decided to streamline the gaming process to bring the public a first-of-its-kind scratch off experience, mimicking the real world analog of buying one of these tickets in-person.

We are proud to present NFT Scratch-off, the first scratch-off NFT on Solana’s blockchain. Bringing the fun and pleasure of gaming to the metaverse, our collection features over 100,000 individually designed tickets that are guaranteed to give you a run for your money, and a rush of the heart.Engaging, vibrant, and filled with surprises at every turn, Scratch-off NFT provides players with the opportunity to win a slew of rewards, including a grand prize ticket totaling 6,500 SOL on the final launch, and a grand prize ticket of 2,500 SOL on the first and second launches.

Not every NFT project is a winner, but with our system, the chances of making a return on your investment are much higher than your run of the mill drop. We give buyers the power to choose their level of play by including three tiers of tickets.

Our first level yields the highest rate of return (30,000tickets win), while our second and third tiers involve a higher risk and higher reward (3,000 and 300 winners, respectively).Whether you’re looking to hit the jackpot or just playing for fun, we guarantee you an experience from the future that you’ve never seen before.


Each individual mint of an NFT Scratch-off earns the purchaser a digital scratch-off ticket in the format of an NFT. Once minted and revealed, individuals can see if their entry won based on the icon pattern found on their card - visit our key section to see if your ticket is a winner!


If you have ever minted an NFT, the process of buying entries will be nearly identical. To participate, users must have a cryptocurrency wallet that holds collectibles. This project is encoded on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. We recommend using Phantom Wallet. For each launch, participants must have a sufficient amount of Solana to cover the costs of minting one or multiple Scratch-off NFTs. For example, if you would like to mint three (3) scratch offs NFTs, and the mint cost per scratch off NFT is .5 Solana (SOL), our team recommends you have at least 1.7 Solana coins in your cryptocurrency wallet (1.5 Solana to cover minting costs + an additional 0.2 Solana to cover gas fees, which vary based on congestion / transaction verification frequency on the Solana blockchain).

Once your scratch off NFT(s) transaction is verified and completed, your minted scratch offNFTs will appear both in the respective cryptocurrency wallet you’ve completed the transaction(s) with, as well as displayed on your profile page on solanart.io , the secondary marketplace for NFTs minted and traded on the Solana blockchain. In order for your minted scratch off NFTs to appear in your collection on solanart.io, please ensure that the cryptocurrency wallet you use to mint your scratch off NFTs is the same wallet that is connected to your solanart.io profile.


For each scratch-off NFT minting event, the scratch off NFTs that are minted will first appear in your cryptocurrency wallet and on solanart.io as unrevealed. However, a moving placeholder graphic will be displayed in place of your NFT to ensure it is displayed in your cryptocurrency wallet and on your solanart.io account. After minting is completed for each event, our team will announce on our community channels the date and time in which the metadata will be loaded, along with the reveal of each scratch off NFT.

In a substantial period of time prior to the reveal, our project team will post a detailed key on our website. This key will display a combination of symbols in a unique order. The key will reflect each sequence of symbols that sit unrevealed on each of the minted scratch off NFTs.Following the reveal of each scratch off NFT, holders can view the sequence of symbols displayed on their revealed scratch off NFT and head to the key on our website to reference whether or not they’ve won a prize, as well as the value of the prize they’ve won, if, in fact, they’ve revealed a winner.


Each winning ticket is verified by the legitimacy and security of the Solana blockchain. Each winning ticket will feature a specific pattern that is posted on our website prior to the reveaL, ensuring fairness and transparency of the highest standard. Upon reveal, payouts will be distributed instantaneously, verifiable through the aforementioned winning pattern key posted on our website. This system provides winners with the quickest form of authentication and automatic payout, preventing bad actors from tampering with and manipulating tickets that fail to meet the matching patterns of a winning ticket.

Prizes will be automatically sent to the verified wallets of those who own a winning ticket (or tickets if multiple entries were placed), culminating into a secure streamlined system that is walled off from attacks or manipulation.


In order to restrict bad actors from our community, our team will be setting a hard stop to scratch-off NFT resale and transfer 24 hours prior to loading metadata and revealing the scratch offNFTs. The purpose of this is to ensure all prize money is distributed to the correct wallets shortly following the reveal.For example, if you mint a scratch off NFT and decide to sell it on solanart.io thirty (30) hours before the metadata is loaded and the scratch off NFTs are revealed, the prizes, if any, that are distributed based on the sequence of symbols will be distributed to the wallet that is holding theScratch off NFT for 24 hours, or longer, before the metadata is loaded and the scratch off NFTs are revealed.Another example: If a scratch off NFT is transferred or resold on the secondary market twenty(20) hours prior to the loading of metadata and reveal of the NFTs, the scratch off NFT will become ineligible to claim any prizes affiliated with the sequence of symbols revealed.

In other words, the wallet that originally minted the particular scratch off NFT, the wallet that currently holds the scratch off NFT, or any wallets that previously held the particular scratch off NFT will be ineligible to claim the prizes, if any, that are affiliated with the sequence of symbols revealed on the particular NFT.If you have any questions at any time regarding the rules and regulations accompanied with secondary resale of scratch off NFTs, please contact a team member through any of our community channels.Please ensure that, as a holder, you are closely following our community channels at all times to ensure clarity in our processes, rules and regulations.


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